Sunday, 5 February 2017

Pig Shenanigans and a Solitary Breakfast

LSF Blog Sunday 5th February ‘17

According to certain philosophers, psychologists, and Will Self, in the end, and possibly even all the way, we are all alone but maybe never so alone, especially if unaccustomed to it, as when home alone.

The main workforce of LSF (guess who . . )  has taken itself off to the wild coastlines of Cornwall (see pic) to celebrate a significant birthday, leaving yours truly to fend for himself, and today, a tad disgruntled, temporarily one hopes.

You see, during early-morning animal duties, the pigs locked themselves in and when their kindly carer let them out to a fabulous full breakfast, of exotic imported out of date fruit and vegetables, they thanked him by snouting his clean trousers, pushing their bristles against him, and slobbering on his shoes.. Grrr.

Then, at his own solitary breakfast, the butter was hard, more brittle than smooth; the bread was crumbly; the Marmite jar was empty; and the marmalade had too many bits of peel in it.

And next, news came in that Maggie Roche, one third of the brilliant trio of singing sisters, The Roches (if you don’t know them, try Hammond Song, here  ) had died, so, in the LSF office, it was be a listen-to-The Roches-on-youtube day.

And suddenly, the day has got better as Caravan Alley crew offer to cook a roast dinner, for supper!

Life is for lamenting, listening, and roast dinners, at Lower Shaw Farm

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  1. Two little girls ( Well, not quite so little) have loved to hear about your day Matt! Looking forward to seeing you at Easter, all being