Sunday, 12 March 2017

Spring Sunday at Lower Shaw Farm

Spring Sunday at LSF

The sheep are out on the front paddock, for the first time this year, and old as they may be, they are still full of the joys of spring. Daisy even did  a short burst of lamb-like frolicking and gambolling.  

And in the incubator in the Dairy, ducklings are hatching, cute as ever and ready to steal the show at the LitFest programme launch next week.

As for daffodils, they are everywhere, gorgeous and golden, clustered in the garden, lined up along stone walls, and in proverbial hosts by hedgerows.

And Andrea is spring cleaning!

But, rather missing out on the outside joys of spring, are the hens and ducks, who remain incarcerated, to protect them from the perils of bird flu. Amazingly, they are laying better than ever!

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